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10 Months

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A friend recently observed that with parenting, you find over time that all of the cliches are actually true, even the ones that once made you roll your eyes, like “Where does the time go!?” and “When did he get so big!?” I am only 10 months into the journey and already agree whole-heartedly. Paul and I were just talking last night about how incomprehensible it seems that only a few months ago Henry couldn’t even sit up on his own, and now he seems so capable by comparison.

10 month highlights: 
  • You seem to really truly be sleeping through the night now, which is all kinds of wonderful and has mama finally more relaxed about your persistant lack of naps, since you are at least getting good rest at night.
  • Cruising is your latest skill. Every day you seem just a tiny bit closer to standing on your own, but I’m in no hurry–you’re so good at pulling up to stand on objects and seemingly taller every day, so baby proofing is a continual process around here.
  • Lots of babbling all the time now, including some mornings when you wake up in your crib, which is beyond adorable. Of course your first “mamas” just melted my heart, even if I’m pretty sure you don’t make the actual connection to its meaning yet.
  • Bath time is still one of your favorite things. Daddy and I love giving you baths together when he gets home from work.
  • Still my little eating machine, eating new finger foods all the time, but still wolfing down purees like nobody’s business.
  • You still love any kind of outing, but especially to Rob, the fancy grocery store here in Brussels, where you are always a superstar with the checkout ladies! 
  • I am excited to celebrate your first St. Patrick’s Day and Easter right around the corner, and to take you to Barcelona in just a few weeks.
  • Still toothless!

We love you, Henry!  

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