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11 Months

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I feel so incredibly cliche, but it truly blows my mind that my little baby is 11 months old and will be a year old in the blink of an eye. My teeny newborn disappeared from right under my nose. Fortunately he has been replaced by the most curious, fun-loving, adorable little explorer that I could ever have dreamed of. Oh, and hungry. Let’s not forget that he is hungry! More cheese cubes, Mom, stat!

This picture was taken by my wonderful friend, Amy, whose photography skills I really need to emulate!







11 month highlights:

  • Still eating everything in sight. I basically feed you anything I’m eating that can be cut into small enough bites. Plus a hefty puree serving 3x per day. I don’t know where you put it all, but it is so fun to watch you enjoy eating. Out of everything you enjoy, we most love to watch you devour Bamba and crunch the little pieces between your gums.
  • Speaking of gums.. still not a tooth in sight. We hope they’re under there somewhere!
  • You are cruising a little more confidently all the time, and can take a few steps assisted, but crawling/pulling up to stand is still your transportation mode of choice.
  • Wearing size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes, which are mostly still too large in the waist but thisclose to being too short. Perhaps you got some height from your papa, goodness knows it didn’t come from me!
  • You love the rainbow stacker we just got, and within about two days of practice could put all the discs back on the peg by yourself. Insane!
  • Unfortunately at the beginning of this month, the infection that has plagued your left eye off and on all year came back with a vengeance. Saying a prayer that it clears up soon, because getting the gunk wiped out and drops put in is pretty much your least favorite activity in the entire world. 🙁
  • On a happier note, your sleep is still excellent at night (knock on wood!), and there miiiight even be the slightest improvement in your napping. You will occasionally nap now for longer than 30 minutes, and most importantly to me, you wake up happier most of the time. Don’t want to jinx it, just enjoying it while this phase lasts, which hopefully is longer than a few days!
  • We had a fabulous trip to Barcelona, and can’t wait to take you to Paris next month! You are one well-traveled little dude.
  • You still love outings, and make the best little buddy that ever there was! I love our long days together and going out and about with you, whether it’s just for a long walk, a run, errands, etc.
  • Birthday party planning is in full swing.. well, in between mama’s hideous amount of grad school work.
OK, Henry, just remember you promised to stop growing at some point and stay my little baby, right? I love you more than I even knew was possible.

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