An epic collection of taco recipes – bookmark this to diversify your taco line-up and find some new favorites!

An epic round-up of more than 35 taco recipes - chicken, seafood, vegetarian, pork, beef, and more!

Is there any food that inspires as much popular love as tacos? If there is, this food blogger has yet to meet it. The sheer number of memes about tacos should serve as a clue that EVERYONE loves this meal. And with good reason, right? Endlessly adaptable, easily customized, and just darn fun to eat.

Plus, tacos are an open invitation to eat with your hands and be casual about it. Grab a beer, maybe some napkins, and forget the rest. Maybe that is part of the love affair? It sure is for me!

"How to sext me: Wish you were here.. with tacos."

One of the most popular recipes here on Nourish + Fete is these from-scratch flour tortillas. (Pinned more than 160K times as I write this, which blows my mind – you guys are amazing!) So I thought, if one of the things that brings you here is tortillas, maybe you’d enjoy some new ideas on how to fill them. 🙂

Without further ado, here is an epic round-up of taco recipes. There’s something for everyone, so be sure to bookmark this: with so many amazing ideas, this will be the source of endless taco inspiration!

35+ Mouth-Watering Taco Recipes


Collage of four chicken taco recipes.

Fish and Seafood

Collage of four fish taco recipes.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Collage of four vegetarian and vegan taco recipes.


Collage of three pork taco recipes.

Beef and Lamb

Collage of four beef and lamb taco recipes.

Bonus… Breakfast Tacos!

Now what are you waiting for? Go forth and taco! 🙂

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