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9 Months

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First things first–time to introduce this blog’s namesake, my sweet little Henry.  Also known lovingly as Henry Bean, H. Everett (his middle name), Hank, Half-Hour Henry (after his unfortunate napping tendencies), Sweet Pea, Buster Brown, and only about 1,000 other nicknames.

As of last week, Henry is officially nine months old, which predictably blows my mind.  I look at him and wonder where this tiny little boy came from, and where he is hiding the tiny baby that used to be there!  I won’t lie, the first few months of his life were very difficult for all concerned, in no small part because we were moving overseas.  That said, I’m proud to say those days seem like a long time ago now when I look at my cheerful baby who is crawling and standing and babbling up a storm.  Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating Henry’s first birthday!  I’m pretty sure he wants me to throw him a cute party.. he whispered it to me one morning while no one else was listening.  😉
To Henry at nine months: 
  • You are a champion eater.  You down three meals a day, mostly purees but an increasing number of finger foods. You especially love sweet potato, butternut squash, applesauce, blueberries mixed with oatmeal, cheerios, puffs, and Gerber arrowroot cookies.  You do NOT like anything green and make that very clear to us when necessary!  You do a hilarious motion with your hands when you’re about to eat, which we’ve dubbed the next great dance move, “the Henry.”
  • On top of that conspicuous consumption, you nurse four times per day.  You might finally maybe possibly be dropping the overnight feeding?  Please please please.. mama is a MUCH better mama (not to mention wife, friend, student, and all around person) when operating on more sleep. 
  • You wear size three diapers and mostly 9 month clothes. 
  • This month we were thrilled to take you on your first trip to Montana!!!  Grandma and Grandpa were so excited to see you, and we were so excited to see them.  The jet lag between Brussels and Bozeman is something fierce but we all adjusted as well as can be expected.  So fun to visit family … and Target!  America the Beautiful, after all.  We even took you to Bridger Bowl.  You’re too young for even the play care, so you and Mama mostly hung out in the lodge, but before we know it you’ll be barreling down the slopes, probably at terrifying (to me) speeds.
  • You are obsessed with saying “dada.”  Still working to coax out a “mama!”
  • Crawling is your main mode of transport, and you are SO fast.  Baby gates are officially up, and I definitely need to put some latches on the cabinets, at least the ones with glassware and the like.  Also, we have transformers in most rooms to adjust the voltage for certain appliances, so I am constantly reminding you that electricity is off limits.
  • You’re officially in your super sleek Stokke high chair and sitting at the table with the rest of the family.  Meals this way feel so civilized, at least compared to my previous habit of eating my breakfast/lunch while standing at the kitchen counter and feeding you in your Bumbo.
  • Not a tooth in sight! 
  • Still not a napper, with which I am sloooowly coming to terms.  Some days I am fairly zen about it, other days, not so much.  If only you were always this happy upon waking, the short naps wouldn’t bother me so much:

We love you, Henry Bean!  Happy nine months!

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