Easter is yet another holiday that I feel more strongly about now that I have a baby to teach all about its meaning and traditions. Although of course he’ll have no memory of this Easter, I was still very enthusiastic about taking Henry to an Easter egg hunt, introducing him to the Easter bunny, and, of course, making him his very first Easter basket.

Henry’s basket includes several new bunny- or Easter-themed books, a “hide-n-squeak” eggs toy, a very adorable grey bunny to add to his budding stuffed animal collection, and a rabbit pull toy from Fox et Compagnie, a lovely children’s store at Woluwe Mall.

I couldn’t resist busting out the hide-n-squeak eggs a few days early, as we definitely needed some distractions around here, and they were immediately a big hit. He absolutely loves dumping all the eggs out of the crate, then picking them up individually and throwing them down again on the floor over, and over, and over…

The most sentimental item to me is this book, Hoppity, which was one of my absolute favorite books as a child and which my Mom recently found and sent me in the mail. Just reading it and looking at the pictures is like reconnecting with a beloved friend I haven’t seen in decades. The book is already pretty tattered, and my own parents had literally taped it together in several spots, so I’m not sure it can survive another childhood of rough handling. I’ve been reading it to Henry while he eats and is therefore contained in the high chair.

The egg hunt itself did not go over so well–he cried and clung to me immediately upon being walked over to the giant bunny, the lip started quivering the moment I set him on the bunny’s lap, and even though I picked him right back up he pouted uncharacteristically for most of the rest of the event. Oh well, maybe next year!

Happy Easter!