Wait, where’d she go!? New recipes are on hiatus but please hang in there and we will be back ASAP! You see, a rather large tree fell on our house…

Photo of a bowl of spaghetti with the letters

Hello, friends. If you’re reading this, thank you, because that probably means you care enough about Nourish and Fete and/or my personal life to have wondered why the new content stopped!

Long story short: during a sudden, severe storm earlier this month, several very large trees in our yard and a neighboring yard snapped. One of those trees fell directly onto our home, slicing multiple wide gashes into the roof, which in turn led to broken floor joists; falling ceiling tiles, insulation, and other debris; and of course, considerable water incursion.

My husband, son, infant daughter, and I were all home at the time, but thank goodness, everyone made it out of the house with no more than a bump on the head. Even our elderly, arthritic dog.

As you might imagine, however, our home was instantly rendered uninhabitable, and while we’re optimistic that in the end we may retrieve much of our furniture and other personal effects, it’s a long road.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed with kindness, generosity, and concern from our family, friends, and neighbors, and are well taken care of for now. That said, it’s going to be at least a few more weeks until I am able to refocus time and energy on recipe development and photography. I hope to publish a few recipes that I had photographed “BT” (before tree) in the coming weeks, and rest assured, I will be SO EXCITED when I’m able to get back in the blogging saddle.

I love this work, am grateful for your support as a reader in enabling me to do what I love and help support my family in the process, and can’t wait to share more recipes with you soon.