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Brunch at La Fabrique

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This weekend we ventured out to the neighborhood of Ixelles to try a highly-rated brunch at La Fabrique. I had read a terrific write-up for this brunch over at the lovely blog S Marks the Spot, and excitedly made plans to go for my husband’s birthday, which fell on Saturday. It’s always extra fun when a birthday falls over a weekend, so you have every excuse to drag the festivities out over several days! Brunch is just about the perfect outing for us at this stage of Henry’s babyhood, time-wise, and La Fabrique did not disappoint.

There is a reasonably extensive menu, but the clear route for a Saturday morning is the all-you-can-eat brunch! I found it to be a charming blend of the American all-you-can-eat concept with European selections. On the breakfast side of things they offer a lovely selection of bread and pastries, fruit, and omelettes made-to-order. For anyone feeling a bit more like lunch fare, or perhaps on your second trip through the buffet, they had several main courses like a light pasta, roasted vegetables, a yummy quinoa blend, and green salads.
I do wish I had snagged some photos of the actual food, but somehow skipped that and only obtained photographic evidence of the dessert table! Probably because I was in a rush to fill my plate and get back before Henry melted down.
Everything we tried was delicious–especially the omelettes and the desserts. I had carrot cake, while Paul and Elena each sampled both a chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and cheesecake. You have to appreciate any place that makes it a no-brainer to eat cake after brunch. It’s already included, after all, and right there in front of you! 
The restaurant was not kid-focused, per se, but perfectly kid-friendly. They have two high chairs, one of which they quickly brought over to our table after we asked, and none of the many servers or other diners looked askance at our little guy–even when his clamoring for more squash puree peaked in the higher end of his quickly-expanding vocal register. It is so fun to be increasingly feeding him table food, as well, but the guy is quite clear that he still loves being spoon fed his purees, and since he still doesn’t have a tooth in sight, I have no problem obliging! 

He didn’t have any fun at all.

They also had a small kids’ table by the entrance, where it seemed you could park a set of slightly older children and at least have a chance to keep them entertained for awhile.

This was an unusual sight as we were getting ready to leave–an empty table! We had a reservation for 11:00 on a Saturday morning; it was already reasonably crowded when we arrived, and completely hopping by the time we left. I would definitely recommend a reservation if you know your plans in advance. I booked a table through a Facebook convo (because I am old and still use Facebook for such functional matters) and the owner/manager was extremely responsive.

And with that, we were off to celebrate the rest of the birthday weekend, but not before snapping a quick pic out front! La Fabrique was a definite winner to get Paul’s birthday off to a yummy start!

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