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Family Traditions

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I have spent some time recently thinking about the importance of establishing family traditions. In the past, I tended to assume traditions needed to be something elaborate, like making the same fancy meal every Christmas, or that they should develop in a completely organic way, like realizing almost accidentally that you go to the same brunch place after every soccer game. This book I am reading right now, though, helped me recognize that I can create some very simple traditions that fit into our current lives and might yet be the kernel of warm memories:

My husband’s family did this especially well, and I see the value especially as he and his siblings are all adults with families of their own. I smile each time they are together and reminisce about the years when they had pizza and jello every Friday night, or when each kid was allowed to have the one soda he or she was allotted per week (yes, really!) on Sunday night. They had more elaborate traditions, too, of course, and some came and went over the years, but what stands out to me are how the simplest things made some of the fondest memories.

Henry is a bit young to realize certain things, of course, but I certainly hope he grows up with the same sense of family and belonging, and I think creating some simple, fun traditions can help with that. Of course, food-related traditions are the first that spring to my mind! We already love Mexican food and eat it almost weekly as it is, so I am making an effort to make Mexican meals on Friday nights. What better way to kick off the weekend!? Some weeks it may be elaborate, other weeks we will eat humble tacos or nachos (as if that’s a problem), and I’m sure sometimes we’ll simply have something else going on, but mostly I think this will be a fun and delicious way to signal the weekend’s arrival. I was really happy with the shredded pork recipe I tried for this last Friday, and will share it here soon.

I plan to do what I can to incorporate more simple traditions and will do my best to keep them fun, lighthearted, and above all, a source of happiness! I will always be on the lookout for more ideas!

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