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Favorite Books for Baby’s 1st Year

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I love this idea about reading to your baby: “Never let the sun set on a book-free day.”


Our version of the ubiquitous nursery bookshelves, thanks to Ikea.

Henry is already a perpetual motion machine, so most often I find myself sort of reading at him or in his general direction while he crawls or cruises, but I tell myself it still counts! We haven’t incorporated a story into his bedtime routine yet, but I can sometimes cuddle with him and read a bit just before he goes down for a nap. The most helpful thing has been keeping books in each area where he normally plays or spends time, so it’s easy to grab one to fill any given moment. More than anything else, this makes it simple to fit in regular reading. I hope he internalizes that reading is an anytime, all-the-time activity.

Smallest guest at the USAG library.

And can I just say, whoever created board books is a genius, because the average baby or toddler could probably shred any other written material in 60 seconds flat. I think someone should make coffee table literature in board book form–fine photography or other content that adults would enjoy, but indestructible for the sake of the child-bearing set–unless we are the only family with a baby who loves to systematically pull everything off of the coffee table and experiment to see which items he can tear into pieces? Anyone else?

These are some of our favorites, many already lovingly tattered from just 10-ish months of use. I know this is way too many to be useful, but it was actually difficult to narrow it down even this much!

Any favorite books for your baby or (gulp) toddler? I’m always in the market for new suggestions! Happy reading!

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