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Five on Friday

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Another week has come and gone! I’m feeling extra grateful today for the upcoming visit of good friends who are driving down this weekend from The Netherlands. I can’t wait to have the kiddos all play together. Here are a few highlights of life lately:

One: birthday party planning! I’m throwing myself into planning Henry’s first birthday party (how is this possible!?) even though I absolutely should be using that time to work on my thesis and many other grad school projects. My Pinterest account hasn’t seen this much action since before he was born! Any must-dos or tips for celebrating the all-important first birthday milestone?

Two: L’Occitane hand scrub. This stuff is incredible. I don’t know what voodoo can soften my hands so much in less than a minute, but it’s amazing and really the only thing saving me from an abominable nail situation right now. I’ve been using it about once a week.

Three: running! Since daylight savings time helped us push Henry’s entire schedule later by an hour, I have been using the extra time before his morning nap to go for a short run a few days a week. I’m much slower than I used to be but it still feels great to be out and put some miles on the Burley jog stroller. This was the only time the pavement lulled Henry to sleep, normally he is alert and chirps at the world going by the whole time.

Four: lunch in Antwerp, why not? Last Saturday we went to Antwerp, basically just to have lunch and walk around the downtown. It only took about 30 minutes to drive there, so why the heck not!? We had a lovely lunch and stroll through a nice shopping area, bought some delicious cupcakes for dessert that night, and stumbled across this gem, which I admire based on the name alone and definitely plan to eat at on our next trip to the city:

Five: time at the park. It makes me incredibly happy to be able to spend more and more time outdoors with Henry, even if he is just practicing standing! I have big hopes of combining running with trips to the playground, though that might mean packing lunch and eating picnic-style at the playground before running home. Any other tips for getting outdoors with the little little guys? We’ll be able to do a lot more once he starts walking, but I’m trying not to be in a rush for that!

Happy weekend!

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