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Five on Friday

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How is it Friday again already!? I am continually amazed by how quickly the days and weeks fly by, even though most of my days are extremely similar. (Wake up, care for baby, put baby to bed, housework, schoolwork, collapse, repeat!) I do feel that I’ve been much better lately about making plans and getting out during the day, which helps me feel more like a participating member of society. Here’s a handful of things that have made me smile this week:

One: tulips! These lovely tulips that I planted last fall along our front walk are blooming now, and it is so rewarding! I normally kill any plant I so much as breathe on, so the fact that these seem to be thriving is just delightful to me. They are supposed to be a mix of colors, so I’m hoping the yellow ones are just faster bloomers, but we’ll see–they are so cheerful in any case!

Two: OXO straw cup. After a brief hiatus, Henry has decided to start drinking again out of his OXO straw cup, and it is the cutest thing ever. Plus it gives me renewed hope that it will be possible to wean one day without him dying of thirst!

Three: Yummy banana bread. Out of the thousands of banana bread recipes out there, this has been my absolute favorite since the first time I made it a couple of years ago. Leave it to Cook’s Illustrated to make it simultaneously more delicious and more complicated! In truth, though, it still doesn’t take very long, and the extra step of reducing the banana juice (yes, bananas have juice!) is so worthwhile. It’s kind of like a very delicious science experiment. Bonus: Henry loves banana bread just as much as his papa!
The Cook’s Illustrated website is available by subscription only, though I will say I find the yearly fee money well spent, because it is one of the absolute most reliable recipe sources I have ever come across. However, you can often find their recipes floating out on the blogosphere, such as this one here at Annie’s Eats, a beautiful and meticulously curated food blog.
Four: Autoworld. I was beyond thrilled this week to welcome three dear friends from college to Brussels for a short visit. We enjoyed a random but fun outing to Autoworld, a vintage car museum right next to Park Cinquentenaire. I am not especially knowledgeable or fascinated by vintage cars, but this was pretty impressive, and fun just to walk and browse all of the classic vehicles. It is also good indoor entertainment, which is important here in Brrrussels. I imagine it would be a little challenging with a kiddo who can walk, only because the ropes are definitely not sufficient to keep an enthusiastic toddler out of the exhibits, but what can you do…
… also Henry definitely knows how to work it for the camera!



Five: Breakfast burritos. I have been meaning to make these for awhile, and finally got around to it this past weekend. What a good treat! I used just six eggs and got 12 “burritos” out of the recipe by using taco-sized tortillas. I also included crumbled sausage, cheese, and diced red pepper. Each one was small-ish but a nice size for pairing with fruit or cereal for breakfast. Recipe here at another of my favorite blogs, Carolina Charm.
Paul liked taking them to work, and I split one with Henry each morning to go with my cereal and his baby oatmeal. 😉 I just ate my half and then scooped out the innards into bite-size pieces for Henry. He surprised me by liking the red pepper even more than the eggs and sausage!



Happy weekend!

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