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Five on Friday

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Whew! Well, it has been a somewhat stressful few days, because next week I go back to work for the first time since Henry was born! Predictably, I am all the feelings right now, but mainly nervous and a little misty-eyed to end this chapter. At the same time, I am so grateful to have had so much time at home with him this past year while getting my degree, because I recognize that many (most!) new parents do not have that option. Well, in any event, let’s get down to it with five on Friday.

1. Bonus breakfasts. There is a Pain Quotidien across the way from Henry’s creche (daycare), so while he’s been getting used to staying without me for progressively longer periods of time, I’ve been popping in there for a coffee, orange juice, and some quiet time to read or blog. It’s a pretty great deal. If only I could keep doing this instead of going to work! 😉

2. A new fete! I am so very excited to co-host a sprinkle next month for a dear friend expecting a baby GIRL. There are so many adorable ideas and paper goods out there, like these cute invites from Etsy. I am just going to have to restrain myself from going overboard with the pink. Girl mamas.. what are the best sources for dresses, leggings, headbands, etc? I cannot wait to shop for this little lady!

3. The ongoing strawberry bonanza. Still loving the local farmers’ market, and soaking up all the berries and lingering summer produce while it’s still here.

4. This salad from Southern Living. Bibb lettuce, raspberries, figs, toasted candied pecans, blue cheese, and a lemon-thyme dressing. I made a few substitutions, namely green leaf lettuce for Bibb and fig Boursin for the blue cheese. Served with a pork tenderloin, it tasted yummy, felt healthy, and looked beautiful besides!

5. And let’s end on an extra cheerful note with this picture of my little dude, chill as can be in his new helmet for an afternoon bike ride to the playground. 🙂

If anyone has any words to bolster the spirit when first leaving your little to go back to work, I would be very grateful for it. Meanwhile, happy weekend to all!

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