Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have already discovered the joy of celebrating all the “little” holidays with children. Even though Henry is far too young to realize or care, I am so much more excited about putting out small decorations and baking or wearing something special now, to make the day into an occasion for him. 

In contrast, for the past ten years I think I mostly showed up to work without it even having dawned on me that it was St. Patrick’s Day, probably until I encountered someone at a meeting conspicuously wearing a lime green sweater or leprechaun earrings. Now, I’ve got a printable displayed on the buffet, ordered a t-shirt in advance for Henry to wear, and made clover sugar cookies to boot. My mama-fication is nearly complete.

I can’t wait until he is old enough to do little crafts–although it’s entirely possible I will live to regret that thought when he is a toddler, considering the probability that he will not want to sit still for even a moment. We (I) did a small ornament craft with salt dough this Christmas, and when I tried to get a clean handprint from him, you would have thought I was cutting off an appendage. I’m not sure how clover cut-outs or coloring rainbows would go, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

I suspect he’ll be game to partake in all manner of themed desserts, at least, for quite some time, so that’s something! In the meantime, happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, and may everyone with more of a night life than me (which is pretty much everyone) celebrate with a Guinness or two or ten!

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