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Here goes nothing!  After stalking admiring many other blogs for years, I am finally getting serious about starting my own.  My little family and I moved from northern Virginia to Brussels, Belgium in the summer of 2015–just two months after our son, Henry, was born–and while I’ve enjoyed settling into our new life, it’s had its fair share of challenging moments, too!  We have tackled a lot of major life transitions all at once–big move, new baby, my shift to staying at home and starting graduate school–but hey, they say life only throws at you what you can handle, right!? 
I love writing, creating, and connecting with people.  It’s my vision that this blog provides an immediate outlet for the first two, and an eventual avenue for the third, as I know there is a truly fantastic community of bloggers out there connecting every day based on a huge array of shared interests.  What a wonderful thing, I think, that we can make and tend to friendships from thousands of miles away and share life’s little details with loved ones far and wide!  All that said, I don’t expect to have many (read: any) readers for quite awhile, which on the plus side will give me some time to figure out what I’m doing here.  🙂
If you’ve made it this far, though, I hope you’ll join me and check back every now and again.  Who knows, maybe we can be friends, or already are!  Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  

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