Henry has been taking meals in a high chair for about one month now, and I’m ready to declare my love for the Stokke Tripp Trapp.


Before I shelled out for this beauty, I was feeding Henry three times a day while I stood in the kitchen and he sat in his Bumbo seat on the counter. He did enjoy this because he could see outside, but I feel much more civilized now that we sit at the table and eat together!


The Tripp Trapp is designed to let you pull your child directly up to the table, rather than having them pushed slightly back and eating from a separate tray. Stokke does manufacture a tray accessory that attaches to the chair, which I originally intended to buy, but they were sold out the day I went shopping! I was skeptical but decided to try pulling the chair right up to the table, which it turns out I really like. This set up makes it very easy to sit at the table and feed Henry at the same time as I eat my own breakfast and lunch, and he really seems to enjoy being close to the action. (And the Cheerios.)

Canine vacuum cleaner not included, but very useful.
There is a tray that rests on top of the dining table–it’s basically a fortified placemat with raised edges to keep food confined. So far this is working well. The only drawback is that our table top is rough wood, so Stokke’s built in suction cups do not work to keep it attached. Henry does like to lift up the tray once he’s done eating, but so far hasn’t been very destructive with it (knock on wood), and we’re working on teaching him that the tray needs to stay on the table. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Tripp Trapp is not cheap, especially because you have to buy a lot of the accessories separately, including the baby seat and harness. The baby seat is the red part you see here. It does the job of keeping a munchkin properly positioned, but for us the harness is a must-have as well. Henry is pretty limber and can definitely stand up in the seat if not harnessed in snugly.

Stokke also sells some very cute, and accordingly pricey, cushioned seat covers for the Tripp Trapp. I opted to skip this accessory for now, and it seems fine. Henry seems plenty comfortable and certainly never objects to sitting in the chair, though the guy does L-O-V-E to eat, so that might help.

The price being what it is, I reasoned that we’ll get our money’s worth over time, as the chair adjusts easily for older babies and toddlers and seems extremely well constructed. In fact a friend who owns the “store brand” of this chair recently expressed disappointment that she didn’t just spring for the more solid Stokke up front.

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the Tripp Trapp looks about 1,000 times better sitting in your dining room than most other high chairs on the market. We got it in black to match our dining room chairs and it fits in beautifully. I really appreciate that, because our main floor is extremely open, and we are trying to walk the fine line of being baby friendly yet not completely subsumed by the primary colors and garish plastic aesthetic.

If you’re searching for and willing to invest in a high chair, I hope this info helps! I imagine this model is not for everyone, but it’s been terrific for us so far and I’d say worth the expense!

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. I don’t have any readers (yet!) let alone sponsors, ha! I bought this guy with my own hard earned cash and still think it was worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚