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The Marie Mae Memo [Guest Post]

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I am so very excited today to partner with rock star Jillian, the founder and CEO of Marie Mae Company. Marie Mae makes beautiful paper goods that brighten any office or workspace. I would be smitten right there, considering that lovely notebooks and office supplies are a major weakness of mine (right up there with kitchen and table linens… I mean, can you ever have enough pretty napkins?). But to boot, Marie Mae has a mission of empowering women entrepreneurs around the world. So, when you buy your beautiful new notebook, know that your hard-earned dollars (or euros!) are contributing to business education and resources for female entrepreneurs, many in developing countries, who will better their own lives and those of their families and communities with new knowledge of branding, marketing, negotiating, and more.

Head on over to the Marie Mae Memo to read my guest post, and be sure to browse for some lovely new office supplies while you’re there!