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This weekend was the first time it has truly felt like spring in Brussels, and my goodness, was it amazing! Especially Sunday, which was warm and sunny and the first day of the year that I looked around and thought, yes, I remember now, this is what it’s like to live when you want to be outside! 

We tried to make the most of it with a trip to the farmer’s market at Stockel on Saturday morning, where the flower vendors were out in full force, making the scene very cheerful indeed.

On Saturday afternoon I took Henry to a playground for the very first time. I thought the plaine de jeux was excellent. For anyone seeking a nice outdoor play area for littles in Brussels, this one is located along the Chemin de Fer trail at Place de la Gare, just before the trail enters Parc des Sources. The equipment seemed relatively new, and there were a couple of nice options for even a baby as small as Henry, who is strong but petite at 10 months. Most fun in my opinion, there are baby swings! Henry was unsure at first but pretty quickly convinced.. luckily his slightly older and very adorable friend, Nute, was there to show him how it’s done!

I’m not sure about this, mama..
Don’t worry, man, once you get going you’ll love it! 
Deep conversation.

On Sunday we had plans for a much-needed pilgrimage to the PX and Commissary that is about an hour away, so that meant a fair bit of time in the car. Knowing that, I took Henry for a nice walk outside first thing in the morning (to pick up pain au chocolat and fresh OJ for everyone, no less–gotta love Deli Traiteur!). Henry also got to play outside in the grass and look at ladybugs after we got home while I unpacked everything, thanks to our very sweet houseguest who accompanied him. 

To cap it off, Henry had his first experience with a trampoline Sunday evening while we enjoyed a German-style barbecue at a friends’ home. This one was an immediate hit:

I think he also liked all the extra food he got to sample while we tried to keep him happy during our own dinner. He noshes on a lot of variety for a guy without a single tooth to his name!

Admittedly today is back to gray and somewhat drizzly, but it’s official–spring is coming, and I could not be more excited. I figure it will be perfect timing, as Henry is very close to walking, and with the nice weather we should be able to spend a lot of time practicing outside. Fresh air and exercise? Sign me up! 

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