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Weekend Mix

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1.) It’s not quiiiiite the season yet for the outrageously delicious Belgian strawberries we’ll have in the summer, but I’m making believe with these juicy imports to keep my spirits up.

2.) I am surprising myself by loving this cookbook. I want to make everything in it, and the writing is hilarious and on-point.

3.) This is not food-related but important all the same: where is a woman – mom, working professional, both, other – supposed to buy clothes these days!? J. Crew has been my go-to since I graduated from college, uhh, awhile ago, but the quality has gotten so bad and it seems like the styles all changed for the worse. Plus their credit card and website give me fits. So I’m breaking up with them, but now where do I buy reliable work dresses? Cardigans? Ballet flats? I would LOVE any suggestions.

4.) This color sorter is incredibly fun and interesting. You’ve been warned.

5.) You NEED to try this mac and cheese. Seriously it lifted me out of a kitchen funk this week. Serious comfort food for the win.

6.) Last but not least, I leave you with this snapshot of my favorite sous chef, having some pretty serious thoughts about his oven mitt situation.

Enjoy the weekend, friends! We’re headed out for dinner with friends – second weekend with a babysitter in a row, whoa! – and otherwise hanging out, running errands, baking, and hopefully squeezing in a little exercise. (See mac and cheese, above.) Hope your weekends are fun and relaxing! I’ll be back with more yummy recipes next week!

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