Add stone fruit for a sweet summery twist on a classic: this juicy, sunset-hued Peach Caprese Salad is a gorgeous side, snack, or light meal for the warmest days of the year. Fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of rich balsamic glaze tie it all together with no fuss.

Earth-toned plate filled with a peach Caprese salad drizzled with balsamic glaze and fresh basil leaves.

Peach Caprese is the Best Caprese

Nothing says late summer love like heaping piles of ripe, juicy peaches in every store, farmers market, and roadside farm stand. It’s the rare treat that is simply not available at other times of the year, which makes it all the more pleasurable to literally buy all you can eat when you can.

This simple yet irresistible peach caprese is a lovely way to work a few of those beautiful fruits onto your table. It makes a terrific appetizer, side, or even its own light meal, thanks to the satisfying combination of sweet peaches, tangy tomatoes, and creamy mozzarella.

Ingredient Notes & Substitutions

Heirloom tomatoes, peaches, sea salt, and fresh basil leaves scattered on a white countertop.

You can find the full ingredient list in the recipe card below, but if you’re looking for shopping tips, why these ingredients work together, or substitution ideas, read here:

  • Peaches: look for peaches that have just the slightest give when gently squeezed, but no brown or very soft spots. Yellow peaches look especially beautiful tucked alongside the deep red tomatoes, but white peaches are just as tasty, and nectarines work very well, too.
  • Tomatoes: this is a great use for those heirloom tomatoes you just had to buy, but any on-the-vine tomato will work, too, as will plump Romas in a pinch.
  • Mozzarella: buy a large ball of fresh, water-packed mozzarella if possible. Buffalo mozzarella or even creamy burrata are good substitutes to elevate this even further.

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Plate with tomato, peach, and basil caprese.

How To Make It: Tips and Tricks

This is extremely straightforward, which is, of course, one of its charms. 🙂 That said, a few tips and tricks to make it both easy and picture-perfect:

  • Peach prep. First, wash your peaches: their fuzzy skin can, unfortunately, carry dirt and bacteria from the harvesting and transport process right into your salad. So gently rub your peaches under cool running water before slicing. For this salad, you can either cut the peaches into hemispheres and remove the pit, or just cut off slices around the pit – either works.
  • Keep it even. Slice everything – peaches, tomato, mozzarella – about 1/2″ thick. It looks best and is easiest to eat when the layers are relatively even.
  • Go light on the olive oil: You really just need a small drizzle for flavor, because both the peaches and the tomatoes are very juicy by themselves.
  • Use plump basil for looks: Even if you prefer shreds of basil scattered across the whole salad, save a few of the largest, most plump leaves to garnish the whole plate. The deep, rich green makes a striking and beautiful contrast with the warm tones of the tomatoes and stone fruit.

Serving Suggestions

This salad goes beautifully with grilled fish, chicken, or steak for a summer dinner that leans into the season. You can also pair it with burgers or bratwursts. Interested in trying it as a light main dish? Enjoy as is, or tuck some thinly-sliced prosciutto in among the layers for an extra satisfying and delightful touch.

More Summer Salads

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Peach Caprese Salad

Add stone fruit for a sweet summery twist: this juicy, sunset-hued Peach Caprese Salad is a gorgeous and simple side, snack, or light meal!


  • 8 ounce ball fresh mozzarella
  • 2 ripe peaches
  • 1-2 vine-ripened or heirloom tomatoes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic glaze or balsamic vinegar
  • kosher or sea salt
  • fresh-cracked black pepper
  • handful fresh basil leaves


  • If the mozzarella comes packed in water, drain it well and gently pat dry with a paper towel or clean kitchen cloth. Slice mozzarella, peach, and tomato into pieces approximately 1/2” thick.
  • Arrange slices of mozzarella, peach, and tomato in alternating layers on a plate or small platter. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic glaze, and sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.
  • Add basil leaves, tucking them around the edge and in between layers, as desired. Serve right away and enjoy!
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